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Vehicle Monitoring Systems

Design, installation, and upgrading of professional vehicle monitoring systems for buses, trams, and other types of transport. Configuration and implementation of advanced intelligent image analysis features tailored to your needs.


The process of designing, installing, and upgrading professional vehicle monitoring systems involves a series of key steps that ensure effective monitoring and security of the vehicle covered by the system.

Needs Analysis and Consultations:

  1. Consultations: Detailed consultations with the client to understand specific requirements and expectations.

  2. Infrastructure Assessment: Evaluation of the technical infrastructure and identification of key areas requiring monitoring using SWOT and PESTEL analysis methods.


System Design:

  1. System Design: Development of an advanced monitoring system design, including IP CCTV cameras, NVR/DVR recorders, CAN bus sensors, and Big Data analysis software.

  2. Integration with Other Systems: Incorporation of Machine Learning and AI technologies for real-time data analysis. Consideration of integration with existing ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and BMS (Bus Management Systems).


Installation and Configuration:

  1. Installation: Professional installation of equipment in compliance with EN 50155 standards, ensuring minimal interference with daily vehicle operations.

  2. Configuration: Configuration of the system, including settings for 4K high-resolution cameras, RAID recorders, and VMS (Video Management Software).

  3. Integration and Testing: Integration of the monitoring system with existing telecommunication infrastructure and fleet management systems. Conducting FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing) to ensure flawless system operation.

  4. Training and Support: Training staff in the advanced operation of the monitoring system and data analytics interpretation. Providing continuous technical and service support, including remote monitoring and regular system inspections according to SLA (Service Level Agreement).


Sample Pricing (for a single project or service intervention):

  • Upgrading an existing monitoring system: starting at 1000 PLN, depending on the scope of the upgrade, equipment replacement, addition of new features, etc.

  • Designing and installing a new monitoring system: starting at 3000 PLN, depending on the number of cameras, type of infrastructure, scope of intelligent image analysis functions, etc.


Diagnosing and repairing vehicle monitoring systems:

  • Technician hourly rate: from 120 to 200 PLN per hour, depending on location and specialization.


These values may vary depending on location and scope of work. Exact pricing should be determined directly with the sales department, taking into account specific customer requirements and needs.

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