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Email migration

We offer email migration services, ensuring a seamless transition of your email to a new platform. With our specialists and proven migration processes, we guarantee a smooth and secure change of your email environment.



The process of migrating email to the Microsoft Exchange platform requires careful planning, preparation, and implementation to ensure a smooth transition from the existing email system to the new infrastructure.


   1. Current Infrastructure Analysis:


  • A thorough analysis of the existing email system, including the type of mail server, number of mailboxes, mailbox sizes, etc.


   2. Exchange Version and Plan Selection:


  • Selecting the appropriate Exchange version and subscription plan, considering the number of users, required features, and service availability.



   3. Schedule migration:


  • Establishing migration timelines and stages, considering peak hours, workdays, potential work interruptions, etc.



   1. Exchange Environment Preparation:


  • Installation and configuration of the Exchange server and additional components, such as the global address list, edge transport server, etc.


   2. Mailbox Creation:


  • Creating mailboxes for users on the new Exchange server, according to the previously developed plan.


    3. Access Settings Configuration:


  • Configuring access settings to the Exchange server, including authentication, client connections, URLs, etc.


Data Migration:

   1. Mailbox Migration:


  • Moving data from the existing email system to the new Exchange server using migration tools available in Exchange or third-party tools.


   2. Migration Testing:


  • Conducting migration tests on a small sample of mailboxes to confirm the correctness of the process and identify potential issues.


   3. Final Migration:


  • Transferring all mailboxes to the new Exchange server according to the established schedule and procedures.


Configuration and Testing:

   1. Client Email Configuration:


  • Configuring email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) to connect to the new Exchange server.



   2. Functionality Testing:


  • Performing functional tests, such as sending and receiving email messages, calendars, contacts, etc., to confirm proper operation.


Training and Support:


   1. User Training:


  • Training users on how to use the new email system, including email client operation, calendars, contacts, etc.


   2. Technical Support:


  • Providing technical support to users in case of issues related to the new email system.


Monitoring and Optimization:

   1. Performance Monitoring:


  • Continuous monitoring of the Exchange server performance and network infrastructure to ensure smooth system operation.


   2. Optimization:


  • Optimizing Exchange server settings, such as mailbox size, message retention time, archiving policies, etc.


Email migration to Microsoft Exchange is a complex process that requires careful planning, testing, and close collaboration with users. Successfully completing the migration will facilitate a smooth transition to the new email system, ensuring effective communication within the organization.

Sample Pricing for Current Infrastructure Analysis and Assessment:

Design and evaluation of the current environment: from 500 zł, depending on the scope of the analysis and the number of mailboxes to be reviewed.


Migration Planning:


Migration plan development: from 1000 zł, including identification of migration steps, action schedule, and risk analysis.

Data Migration:

Mail data transfer: from 2000 zł, including conversion, transfer, and import of data to the new Exchange environment.

Testing and Implementation:

Migration testing and deployment: from 1000 zł, including data accuracy tests, user training, and full deployment of the new environment.

The total cost of email migration to the Microsoft Exchange platform can range, depending on the number of accounts to be transferred, infrastructure complexity, and degree of customization to client needs. These values are approximate and may change depending on specific requirements.

Our services are available in: Szczecin, Koszalin, Stargard, Kołobrzeg, Świnoujście, Goleniów, and throughout the West Pomeranian Voivodeship/zachodniopomorskie.

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