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Project and visualization of CCTV system

Our company offers comprehensive services for designing and visualizing CCTV and VSS camera systems for our clients. With our experience and expertise in security, we provide a professional approach to creating effective monitoring solutions.



The design and visualization of a video surveillance system (CCTV and VSS) involve several key steps that help plan and implement an efficient surveillance system. Below is a general guide to this process:

Requirements Analysis:

The first step is a thorough analysis of the client's needs and requirements. This includes identifying the areas to be monitored, the types of threats to be tracked, the scope of observation (e.g., open area, indoor spaces, large areas, etc.), and legal and regulatory requirements.

Location Assessment:

Next, a detailed assessment of the installation location for the CCTV system should be conducted. This includes analyzing lighting, terrain characteristics, camera mounting options, power and communication network availability, and any regulatory constraints.


Device Selection:

Based on the requirements and location analysis, appropriate devices for the CCTV system should be selected, such as cameras, video recorders, mounting hardware, power supplies, system management software, etc. It is also important to consider factors such as image resolution, viewing angles, weather resistance, night lighting systems (e.g., infrared), and any additional features such as motion detection or behavior analysis.

Installation Design:

The physical installation of the system is then designed, specifying the locations of cameras, their directions and observation ranges, locations of video recorders, and routes for power and signal cables. This design should consider optimal coverage of the monitored area, minimizing blind spots, and maximizing detection effectiveness.


Sample Visualizations:



Project and Installation Cost Calculator for CCTV and VSS System:

Work performed in multi-family housing or public utility facilities with varying project scopes are priced individually.

The final offer, prepared individually for a given project, may differ from the price provided by the calculator. It is only used for cost estimation purposes.

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