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IT Support, IT Systems, CCTV Systems, Alarms

Microsoft Office 365

Implementation, Management of Office 365 services. Creating groups, teams, shared clouds, managing mail flow, and anti-spam filters. Migration of mail from old hosting to Microsoft Exchange.



The process of implementing Office 365 and managing services involves several key stages that enable effective utilization of all available features.

Office 365 Implementation:


   1. Planning and Analysis:


  • Consultation with the client to understand the organization's needs. Analysis of current systems and infrastructure to identify areas that can benefit from Office 365.



   2. Choosing an Office 365 Plan:


  • Selecting the appropriate Office 365 plan based on the organization's needs, number of users, available features, etc.



   3. Purchase and Subscription:


  • Purchasing an Office 365 subscription through the official Microsoft distribution channel or an authorized partner.



   4. Creating User Accounts:


  • Creating user accounts in the Office 365 service and assigning appropriate licenses.



   5. Domain Configuration:


  • Configuring the organizational domain in Office 365, including migrating existing mail accounts.



   6. Application Installation:


  • Installing Office 365 applications on user devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Office 365 Service Management:


   1. Creating Groups and Teams:


  • Creating groups and teams in Microsoft Teams for teamwork and communication.



   2. Creating Shared Clouds:


  • Creating and configuring shared clouds in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online for file storage and sharing.



   3. Managing Mail Flow:


  • Configuring mail flow rules in Exchange Online to automatically redirect, mark, filter, etc., email messages.



   4. Anti-Spam Filtering:


  • Configuring anti-spam filters in Exchange Online to protect mailboxes from unwanted mail.



   5. Monitoring and Reporting:


  • Monitoring Office 365 services using built-in administrative tools such as the Office 365 admin center.

  • Generating reports on service usage, security, performance, etc.



   6. Personnel Training:


  • Training IT staff and end users on using and operating Office 365 services.


Maintenance and Updates:

   1. Regular Updates:


  • Ensuring regular updates to Office 365 services through automatic update processes provided by Microsoft.



   2. Technical Support:


  • Providing access to technical support from Microsoft and possibly an external IT provider in case of technical issues.



   3. Regular Inspections:


  • Regularly reviewing the configuration of Office 365 services to ensure compliance with security policies, best practices, etc.



   4. Optimization and Scaling:


  • Optimizing the configuration of Office 365 services as the organization grows and its needs change.


The process of implementing and managing Office 365 services requires planning, proper configuration, and monitoring to ensure effective use of available features and resources. Keeping up with updates, security, and technical support are crucial for maintaining high performance and user satisfaction.

Office 365 Implementation:

Design and implementation of the Office 365 platform: starting from 2000 zł, depending on the company's size, number of users, and scope of data migration.


Office 365 Service Management:

Monthly or yearly cost of Office 365 management service: starting from 500 zł per month, depending on the number of users and the scope of management services.


Creating groups, teams, shared clouds:

Additional one-time fee for configuring and customizing groups, teams, and shared clouds: starting from 500 zł, depending on the number of groups and the scope of customization.


Managing mail flow and anti-spam filters:

Additional monthly or yearly fee for managing mail flow and anti-spam filters: from 10 to 50 zł per user per month, depending on the number of users and the required level of protection.


These values may vary depending on the scope of work. For an accurate quote, please consult directly with the sales department, considering the specific requirements and needs of the company.

Our services are available in: Szczecin, Koszalin, Stargard, Kołobrzeg, Świnoujście, Goleniów, and throughout the West Pomeranian Voivodeship/zachodniopomorskie.

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