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IT audit

Our comprehensive analysis of infrastructure, security procedures, and legal compliance will provide you with peace of mind and protect you from potential risks. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to enhance the security level of your company today.



The IT audit process in a company involves a comprehensive review and assessment of technological infrastructure, security procedures, and compliance with legal-technical regulations. It includes the analysis of IT systems, networks, databases, software, as well as the assessment of cybersecurity measures and risk management procedures. Below is a general description of this process:

Planning the Audit:

   1. Defining audit objectives:

  • Understanding the client's needs and expectations regarding the IT audit.

  • Selecting areas for assessment, such as IT infrastructure, security, compliance, etc.


   2. Preparing the audit plan:

  • Developing the audit schedule and scope, including the selection of assessment methods and tools.

Collecting Data and Information:


   1. Documentation review:

  • Analyzing documents related to IT infrastructure, security policies, system operation procedures, etc.

   2. Interviews with staff:

  • Conducting interviews with employees responsible for managing IT infrastructure, IT security, system operation, etc.

Technical Assessment:

   1. IT infrastructure review:

  • Evaluating the condition of servers, computer networks, workstations, network devices, etc.

  • Analyzing performance, availability, scalability, etc.

   2. Security assessment:

  • Assessing network security, operating systems, applications, and data security.

  • Scanning for security vulnerabilities, potential threats, and cybersecurity risks.


Compliance and Procedures Assessment:

   1. Legal-technical compliance:

  • Checking compliance with applicable regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.

  • Assessing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

   2. Procedures and policies assessment:

  • Analyzing system operation procedures, data management, emergency procedures, etc.

  • Assessing compliance with industry best practices and standards.

Analysis and Reporting:

   1. Preparation of audit report:

  • Documenting audit results, including identified threats, security vulnerabilities, areas for improvement, etc.

  • Proposals for corrective actions and recommendations.

   2. Presentation of results:

  • Presenting the audit report to the client, discussing the results, identified threats, and recommendations.

  • Discussion of action plan and priorities.

Implementation of Corrective Actions:

   1. Planning corrective actions:

  • Developing a plan of corrective actions based on the audit results.

  • Assigning responsibilities for implementing actions and setting deadlines.


   2. Implementation of fixes:

  • Implementing corrective actions, security fixes, software updates, procedural changes, etc.


Monitoring and Updating:

   1. Progress monitoring:

  • Continuous monitoring of progress in implementing corrective actions.

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of implemented actions and assessing the state of IT security.


   2. Policy and procedure updates:

  • Updating security policies, system operation procedures, data management, etc., based on audit results and changes in the IT environment.

IT audit is an essential process that helps companies identify and minimize risks associated with technological infrastructure and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and industry standards. Regular audits help maintain a high level of IT security and adapt to changing business and regulatory requirements.

Sample Pricing for IT Audit Preparation and Conduct:

Depending on the scale and complexity of the infrastructure and client requirements, the cost of an IT audit starts from 1000 zł.

Analysis and Reporting:

Preparation of audit report with corrective actions and recommendations: from 500 zł, depending on the scope of assessment and the number of systems to be analyzed.


Implementation of Corrective Actions: Planning and implementing corrective actions based on the audit report: from 1000 zł, depending on the number of identified threats and client needs.


Monitoring and Updating:

Continuous progress monitoring of corrective action implementation and updating security policies: from 1000 zł per month, depending on the scope of monitoring and support.


These values are approximate and may vary depending on the client's specific needs, the size of the enterprise, and the complexity of the IT infrastructure. An accurate quotation will be provided after a detailed understanding of the client's needs and requirements.

Our services are available in: Szczecin, Koszalin, Stargard, Kołobrzeg, Świnoujście, Goleniów, and throughout the West Pomeranian Voivodeship/zachodniopomorskie.

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