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Home automation

Design, installation, maintenance of home automation systems. video intercoms, gates and blinds automation



The process of designing, installing, and maintaining home automation systems, including video intercoms and gates and blinds control systems, involves several steps to ensure effective operation and long-term performance of these systems.


   1. Consultation with the Client:


  • Understanding the client's needs and preferences regarding home automation, including expectations for video intercoms and gate and blind control systems.



   2. Analysis of Building Architecture:


  • Assessment of the building structure to determine the best technical solutions and device placement. Identification of installation locations for video intercoms and gate and blind control, considering ease of use and aesthetics.



   3. Selection of Suitable Devices:


  • Choosing video intercoms and gate and blind control systems considering functionality, technical parameters, and aesthetics.



   4. System Design:


  • Developing a comprehensive home automation design, including the placement of video intercoms, gates, and blinds, their connections, and integration with other building systems.





1. Device Installation:


  • Physical installation of video intercoms, gates, and blinds according to the designed plan. Placement of video intercoms at appropriate heights and locations for easy access. Installation of automatic mechanisms for gate and blind control and their integration with the rest of the home automation system.



2. Electrical Connections:


  • Connecting video intercoms and gate and blind control systems to the electrical power supply. Configuring wiring connections to ensure proper communication between devices.




   1. Device Programming:


  • Configuration of video intercoms, including setting audio and video parameters, personalizing doorbell tones, integration with monitoring systems, etc. Setting schedules for gate and blind opening and closing, considering user preferences and weather conditions.



   2. Testing:


  • Testing video intercom functions, including audio and video tests and intercom functions. Testing the operation of gate and blind control systems, including checking movement, synchronization, and safety.




1. Regular Inspections:


  • Periodic inspections of home automation systems to check device status, software updates, cleaning, and maintenance of mechanisms.



2. Repair and Maintenance:


  • Troubleshooting and repairing faults and failures, replacing worn parts, repairing mechanical or electrical damage. Regular maintenance and lubrication of gate and blind control mechanisms to ensure their long-term performance.


Implementing home automation systems, including video intercoms and gate and blind control systems, requires proper planning, installation, and configuration, as well as regular maintenance to ensure reliability and user comfort. A properly designed and installed home automation system can significantly increase home security, convenience, and energy efficiency.

Design, installation, configuration, maintenance of home automation systems:

Design and installation of a new home automation system: starting from 3000 zł, depending on the size of the house, number of devices, type of system (e.g., intelligent lighting control, heating, air conditioning, blinds, etc.).

System installation and configuration: starting from 1000 zł, depending on the complexity of the installation, number of devices, and required working time.

Maintenance of an existing home automation system: starting from 500 zł per year, depending on the scope of maintenance services, number of service visits, etc.


Diagnosing and repairing problems with home automation systems:

Technician hourly rate: from 120 to 200 zł per hour, depending on location and specialization.

Home automation system audit: Review and assessment of an existing home automation system: starting from 500 zł, depending on the scale of the audit, number of devices, scope of analysis, etc.

These values may vary depending on the location and scope of work. For an accurate quote, please consult directly with the sales department, taking into account the specific requirements and needs of the client.

Our services are available in: Szczecin, Koszalin, Stargard, Kołobrzeg, Świnoujście, Goleniów, and throughout the West Pomeranian Voivodeship/zachodniopomorskie.

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